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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. >> schools, teachers and students are back at school today, the first since run was found shot to death in his home on thursday. live now outside shaw middle school -- mike? >> the students continue to post pictures and notes on this memorial of the front door of the shaw middle school for the
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principle. a scheduled assessment as has been postponed for two weeks, and grief counselors are on hand. today the administrators seek to bring back a sense of normalcy. >> every morning with or without snow, principal brian was a wizard gritting the children arriving for class. staff member said he was completely dedicated. >> the staff, the kids, everyone knew that was how he was. >> there was a 45-minute recess scheduled this morning. >> we are trying to bring normalcy back. >> community members have dropped flowers, and students have busted special notes on the door. >> he was something like a father to me. >> more than anything, this ninth letter says he will miss attracting with the principle each morning.
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>> he has always been there. he helped me. >> that was until he was shot in his home over the weekend. over the weekend they found his suv and to think that he might have known the killer because there's no signs of forced entry. >> he would want us to be with his students. we will make it. >> yesterday police spent several hours searching through mr. betts' home in silver spring, but remained tight-lived about any leads. the members are planning a memorial service for him and also plan to set up a scholarship fund in his name. >> thank you, mike. but montgomery county high school is back of an falling gas leak. the firefighters arrived at 7:30 a.m. this morning after the guess others were reported on the third floor. they evacuated the school and cut off the gas.
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a police detective charged with drunk driving goes to trial today. darren rush is turning onto central avenue when his cruiser rolled over. he was off-duty at the time. he was rushed to the hospital. because it did damage to the car and he was suspended with pay. the maryland college student is in custody today, accused of shooting two fellow students, in killing one of them. for more details, carter has the latest. >> frostburg state university students headed to class a day without two of their own. there were shot during an off- campus dispute, allegedly by phyllis to them. the 21-year-old tyrone hall what did the one and killed the other. people were shocked to hear what happened in his neighborhood.
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>> i do not think the guy i have known would do something like that. >> two student athletes play at local high schools before they headed to frostburg state. a co-chair says that the one played here, graduating in 2006. the coach said he first learned of this weekend's incident this morning. >> two years ago brendan had led his school to the state title game. >> i will reflect on happier times. he was doing positive things. >> the student government association will hold a candlelight vigil service and the honor of harold tomorrow night. meanwhile, hall is facing multiple charges and is being held without bond. >> today a glimmer of sunshine in the clouds of volcanic ash smother in the flights over europe.
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germany says it will now allow some flights back into the sky. there are thousands of passengers still trapped on the ground. here is gloria in london. >> this is iceland's most powerful and credible blocking a. the giant cloud is gunning floods in more than 20 countries. as of monday morning, 10 were in total lockdown. the tally of canceled flights is 63,000, and counting. the total number of stranded passengers is millions, all over the world. at the jfk airport in new york this woman spent the weekend there with her eight-year-old son. >> have you had a shower? >> no. >> it is really hot.
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the hotel was fully booked. >> now there are questions over whether the industry is being overly cautious. >> british airways and other airlines ran tests of the weekend without incident. others are criticizing the with the whole thing has been handled. it is also and icelandic nightmare. in the fall of zone, goop inches big is all over everything. >> it is difficult to tell when this will stop, how long will last. it is likely that the activity will stop after a few days. >> back here in the washington area skies are clear. brian van de graaff has a look of the first forecast. >> yes, it was a cold start to the morning. the members were not tepid, -- the numbers were not tested, but on the chilly side. it is a cooler stuck, and more mild finish.
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you can see clear skies, a few clubs, mostly sunshine. christa was 34 and are currently 59. 57 and the stafford. -- bristol was 34. it will be another cool night tonight, and warm up for next weekend. >> thank you, brian. students at the college newspaper at james madison are crying foul after police raid. the police confiscated hundreds of photos, most pictures snapped during this month's massive block party that ended in fights and the rest. the police as with the voters last week but the editor of the newspaper refused. the officers then returned with a warrant. the society of journalists called on the police to return those photographs. activists are showing their support of the second amendment today. gun owners, hunters, and other
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evidence gathered for an unarmed event. they said that the strict gun laws are not constitutional. they chose a planting, because it is the date of the revolutionary war battle of lexington. it appears that americans are losing faith in government. nearly 87% sign of people in a pew center research poll said they don't trust government to solve problems. nearly half say that government has a negative effect on their daily lives. many say that washington is too big and too powerful. virginia is celebrating earth week over the next week. bob macdonald will be at a number of events. he is also moving forward with efforts to conserve another 400,000 acres of open space. he plans to establish virginia as a green jobs the zone.
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a new plan to restore the river is said to be released later this afternoon. the army corps of engineers has worked for two years on this plan with d.c., maryland, and other local officials. the river restoration will provide economic, social, and environmental benefits. it is one of the nation's most polluted rivers. officials in virginia are asking for your ideas on how to ease congestion on interstate 66. officials are holding a public meeting tonight at the fairfax county government center. vdot is getting ready to launch a rapid bus lines. some good news from the gas pump. aaa says gas prices appear to be holding steady. the average is $2.86 per gallon nationally, to $88 cents per gallon here in this area.
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still to come on abc 7 news at noon. the government collects a record fine from toyota. the latest on the troubles of toyota. heading home? not yet. the shuttle discovery is still in space. >> the american taxpayer ought not to be charged for and won the from the got itself into trouble. >> will the democrats plan leave taxpayers on the hook? a new crackdown turns into a fight on the hill. it is a cooler day today.
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>> tens of thousands of people filled the streets in krakow to
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say a final goodbye to the president and his first lady. the winter the streets for a state funeral and burial. the ash cloud kept a number of world leaders from attending, including president obama. the defense secretary robert gates has a memo that he wrote, says it was not a week a call to the white house. the january memo set off a scramble within the obama administration. but gates says it only identifies steps that should be taken in defense planning. after the white house increase pressure on iran -- he says that no one to think that iran can get to washington off guard. two leaders are dead, killed in a nighttime raid. the u.s. military has confirmed. a top u.s. general says the deaths be the biggest blow to the terrorist group since the insurgency began. the recall of toyota have a are
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because the automaker millions in lost revenue, but now will pay even more in a civil fine. the nhtsa has issued a $16.4 million fine. it is the maximum allowed under law. they found concerns in september but waited until january to notify. >> clearly, they have taken a fall here. i think the other automakers will pay a lot more attention to any issues. >> toyota has recalled 6 million vehicles. astronauts aboard the shuttle discovery are spending a 15 stay in space. the poor weather in florida forced nasa to scrap the plan to lend it this morning. it will circle the world and try
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again for cape canaveral on tuesday. it is time for a look at the weather again. nice to see the sun back. >> yes, it should be a pretty good afternoon with temperatures already in the '50s. taking a look outside, the temperatures are warming. they continue to climb across the region. there is lots of sunshine. it will be clear tonight, making it called again. there may be a little bit of rain on wednesday. it is nine degrees below where we should be for this time of year. it is a combination of the cool temperatures and biting winds from the north. here is the big picture. you can see the clouds here.
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tomorrow these will begin to stream in to form some moisture mid-week. it is a much better day to day. the temperature will be about 60 this afternoon. tomorrow it will be a cool start, but nice finish. the highest more will make it into the upper 60s, near 70. the will be a little bit of rain later in the week, and another shot for the weekend. we have about 2.4 inches of rain so far for the year. it is in the '40's downtown. it looks like another nice day tomorrow. the winds are about 8 miles per hour up to 12 miles per hour right now.
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the temperatures will go back and forth a little, but not too much of a swing. the weekend will begin on a nice, mild note on friday. there might be some showers and even then there. it will be in the low seventies for the weekend. >> thank you very much. it was 15 years ago today that one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on u.s. soil took place. the survivors, family members, and hundreds of others gathered in oklahoma city to commemorate the in a richer. the ceremony began just before the time that the bomb went off in 1995. 168 people were killed when a truck bomb exploded in oklahoma city. amanda knox is filing a fresh appeal in her murder conviction in italy. she is convicted of murdering
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her roommate while studying abroad. she questions the basic tests used, including the dna found on the knife. just last week the italian prosecutor asked to increase her sentence to life in prison. president obama will speak in new york city later this week, laying out his case for a new crackdown on wall street. the plan for financial reform includes a $50 billion billion fund paid for by the banks in the event another institution to develop. it also creates the consumer protection office, and more regulation for complex securities. the democrats insist they have the votes to pass it, but not a single senate republican supports the bill. >> present bill is not good. >> the american people say that we do not want another bailout. >> the president bush got another boost from the sec with
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its suit against goldman sachs. religious freedom fight is taking center stage at the supreme court today. they are deciding whether a lawsuit can indeed a law school can deny registration to a christian group will not let non-christians join. the argument is to get them to overturn the decision from the hastings college of law in san francisco. law schools is that keeping non- christians out of the christian legal society amounts to discrimination. honoring the fallen, family members and veterans gathered at the memorial for vietnam this morning to honor 97 who died as a result of the vietnam war. the honorees do not meet the military dulles for inclusion on the wall. -- do not meet the military guidelines for inclusion. coming up, the hottest new thing for your home, but not everyone should put them on. we will tell you about a new warning over 3d tv.
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later today, accused of molesting his oscar-winning sister, monique's
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so i can spend more on what i really want. i count on the freestyle promiseĀ® program. make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll today. >> from the "american idol" to making history, carrie underwood became the first woman to win an entertainer of the year twice. she had the best success -- this performer, winning five of the eight trees.
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the five of the eight airlines promised to protect passengers from more fees. that includes american, delta, us airways, jet blu, send it will keep letting passengers bring on bags for free. that comes after spirit airlines says it will charge $45 per carry-on bag. new details about 3d television for your home. these new, high-tech tvs are supposed to be the latest trend, but manufacturers say it is not for everybody. the samsung owner's manual ones to stay away if you are elderly, sleep-deprived, or have a serious medical condition. >> the primary things i would worry about would be blurred vision, headache, difficulty concentrating, perhaps balance difficulties. >> it made me feel a little bit of light-headed.
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>> one researcher in ophthalmology did find it causes headaches, eye strain, fatigue. there's a big warning to mix 3d tv and alcohol. coming
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if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >> prom was a huge deployment for some high school students and the oklahoma.
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the group watched as the repossession man drove away their limousine. one student thought it was being stolen. there was a miscommunication between the lender and the owner. he says he will give a partial refund to the prom couples. brian, you can hear it now -- do, mom has a minivan. >> [unintelligible] outside today is much better than the weekend because it is not so windy. it will be in the mid-60s today, near 70 tomorrow. a little rain midweek, and a little more of the weekend. >> thank you, brian. and thank you for joining us. be sure to watch abc 7
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